Our Mission Ready Fleet carries a comprehensive list of Life Saving Equipment and always ready to go at a moments notice.

Trained and equipped with specialised equipment such as Neonatal Transportation unit and Bariatric equipment, we are always ready to take on Highly Critical Care cases

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Medical Directive

Providing prompt, precise and professional medical advise to medic during transfer of patient for medical intervention.

12 Lead Transmission

Ability to transmit on scene or in transit 12 Lead ECG directly to Cardiologist thereby shortening the Door to Ballon time.

First ambulance ensures that all vehicles are built within the CEN Standards . We own and operate the largest private ambulance fleet in Malaysia and comply with the private healthcare and services act. Our extended fleet includes
  • Ambulances - 4WD and 2WD
  • Wide Body Critical Care Transport Units
  • Fast Intervention Vehicles
  • Wheelchair Hoist MPV
  • All Terrain Vehicle
  • Buggy Ambulance
  • Dirt Medic Bikes
Capabilities include
  • Long Distance Ground Transport to anywhere in the country including travel to Singapore or Thailand
  • Transport of an extremely sick and unstable patient on ECMO Equipment
  • Pre Hospital High-quality 12 Lead ECG and Vital Sign Transmission from field to base hospitals
  • High-Risk Newborn transport with incubators and neonate ventilator
  • Adult Ventilator with Inotrope support
We can also provide a unique range of intrinsically safe and certified equipment for
  • Short or long term hire
  • Confined space rescue and extrication equipment
  • Medevac equipment
  • In vehicle shoot and equipment props for movie production
Each of our road ambulances are comprehensively fitted with
  • Personnel Protective Equipment
  • Airway and Intubation
  • Circulation and Inotrope Support
  • ALS Drug Module
  • Immobilization Device
  • Cardiac Monitors
  • Transport Incubators




First Ambulance has been in operations since 1999. Serving the largest private hospitals in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

The founding team members actively manage the business and bring with them a collective experience of 60 years of ambulance operations


We deliver trained doctors and licensed paramedics who are available 24/7 on site with medical direction by our company Chief Medical Officer. As well as liability and Malpractice Insurance


Sole provider of ambulances for leading Malaysian Top Tier hospitals , Cardiac Centres, On shore Oil & Gas Projects and official medical partner for large scale events

response time

Immediate response time for ambulances and personnel stationed in hospitals. For on site retainer model our ambulances respond in 17 minutes for distances within 20km radius.




Complies EN1789 of Patient Transport
Emergency (B Type) Intensive Care (C Type) Vehicles

Mercedes sprinter

Australian Standard AS / NZS
4535:1999 Ambulance Restraint Standard for safety and occupant protection in ambulance vehicles.


The ZOLL X Series® Monitor/Defibrillator, built on an expandable platform, addresses EMS needs now and moving forward.


B. Braun’s Perfusor® Space PCA Infusion Pump



Justin Penafort
Commercial Director

Co - Founder of First Ambulance

20 years of experience managing ambulance services has provided a solid understanding of both commercial and operational aspects

Steven Penafort
Business Development Director

Co - Founder of First Ambulance

20 years of experience managing ambulance services with primary focus on bespoke solutions for healthcare providers